Sunday, February 12, 2012

Awesome Local Find: Americana Roads Antiques in Springville, PA (Part 1)

What aspiring farm girl doesn't love a great antique store?

Last weekend, my parents and I were lucky enough to stumble upon Americana Roads Antiques in Springville, PA. I made a small ($17) purchase, but way more valuable than that, the items and displays at Americana gave me lots of inspiration for things I'd like to incorporate in our home one day.

Americana doesn't have a website, so I'll do my best to give you the grand tour right here.

Here's what you'll see when you drive up. I actually decided to stay in the car and knit while my parents ran in, but my dad was back out in minutes to tell me I just had to come in. I'm so glad I did!

Americana is located on Main Street in Springville
View when you walk in the door

The first floor is set up with kitchen and sitting room displays.

Love the antique glass bottles in this cabinet

Have you ever seen an antique spice box before? I would put this on a display cabinet in my kitchen or dining room.
I just loved this piece; complete with nutmeg grater!

I'm used to seeing (baby) grands in black...I love the polished wood look of this one! It would take up a good chunk of space in a room, but since I can (kind of) play piano, and more importantly, really enjoy playing, I think the space consumption would be worth it if we actually put the piano to use. Functional beauty, baby!

Tag said "Hazelton Bros., est. 1849"

Now this piece was THE awesome find of our visit. This is a rotating spool cabinet by J. & P. Coats. Rebekah (the very sweet proprietor who showed us around) explained that a shop owner would have used this in the 1800s to display the Coats thread he had for sale. I just adored how Rebekah had it set up as a side table. Again, I love the idea of not merely displaying an antique, but using it and incorporating it into your daily life as well.

My new love

Roll up that front panel, and you can see how the thread is inside.

Squeal, just love the rolltop (rollside?) panel!

 Another side is glass-paneled so customers could see right inside to the spools of thread. 

It's like an antique vending machine!

There's a hinged flap at the top where the show owner could restock and drop in new thread.

Notice the numbers-gotta love that organization!

However much in love we were with this extremely rare and unique find, it was already sold - for $1,500, which I think is a very fair price considering how special it is. I just hope that a similar one crosses my path again one day when I'll be able to afford to take it home with me!

I was really taken with this little beauty, too. It's a 19th century foot warmer, marked at $155. I love the primitive punched heart design. I think this would look really neat on a mantle or on the floor near a fireplace or woodpile.

I'm a sucker for antique house goods turned rustic decor!
Tomás really loves copper and cast iron cookware and kitchen utensils, so I can see us doing something like this in our kitchen. Of course, as per the recurring theme in this post, I would want the cookware to actually use the cookware, not just display it. (*Does anyone use vintage cast iron for cooking/baking? I'd love your take on the feasibility of using that versus modern cookware--comment at the end of the post!)

Could hang over counter space or an island
This was my parents' drool-inducing find. It's an 1890's medical cabinet, where a surgeon would keep his instruments (yikes!). It's marked at $1,950. My mom is thinking about getting it, but she wants to make sure she'll put it to use and isn't yet sure what she would do with it. Any ideas on what to store in here?

Very neat how the shelves swing out!

See those adorable, tiny antique books? That was my big purchase of the day! $17 for all six. For now, I'll use them as props when I take pics for my Etsy shop, and then I'll find a cute way to display them when we have our own house.

I've never seen such tiny books--none of them are over 6" tall!

See that cute screened-in pie safe? We really liked that, too. Tag says $595.

I think that pie safe would look great in a kitchen, storing pots
and pans. Also might make a good little pantry.

The last thing I'm going to show you today is this awesome suspended ladder used as a shelf for those baskets. How cool is this? I'm not sure where I would put this or what I'd use it for, but I heart it very much.

That's a pretty long, photo-laden post for one day, so I'll let you digest and bring you Part Dos in a few days. Don't forget to comment below if you have any knowledge about using antique cast iron cookware!


  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    We use our cast iron cookware all the time, in our house and also when we do our 18th century camping because it's period correct. Cast iron is very easy to clean, doesn't stick and bakes beautifully. It is pretty darn heavy! There are restrictions as far as what you can cook in it though, nothing acidic like tomatoes or fruit. It does bake a great pie because the crust is between the metal and the filling. I also like the porcelain enamaled cast iron you can find now. It isn't any lighter, but removes the restrictions on acidic food.

    1. Thanks for the tips, Barb! I just love the look of it, and I've heard that it's much better quality and much more sustainable than the typical stuff you can buy today. Thanks again for reading and commenting!

  2. For the cast iron skillet, check this link for some FAQ: She says to use soap due to bacteria concerns, but you're really, really not supposed to use soap on cast iron pieces. If you do, you need to go back to the "seasoning" steps. As you scroll down that page, there's info on if yours has rust in it, needs seasoning, etc that you may find helpful. Otherwise, Barb was right on witha ll her info about the acidic foods - avoid them! They make INCREDIBLE cornbread!

    As to the medical cabinet, I immediately thought awesome jewelry case! Of course, depending on how deep the shelves are (I'm assuming not very), you could store serving pieces or silverware, craft materials, I'm not sure what else. It is super fabulous, though!

    1. Hi Allison! Thank you so much for that link and for sharing your tips. I like your idea for the medicine cabinet! I'll suggest it to my mom and we'll see if we can convince my dad, hehe! Thanks so much for reading and commenting! - Elizabeth


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