Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Genius Antique Shop Idea: In the Rough Room (Americana Roads Antiques Part 2)

Remember the amazing treasure trove we toured in my last post? (That spool cabinet...COVETING!)

As promised, welcome to Part 2, featuring the oh-so-fun In the Rough Room.

Now, I'm not enough of an antiques buff to know if this is actually that unique of an idea, but I was just totally taken with the concept of an "as is" junk room in an antique store. It was such a neat experience as a shopper to find this picker's paradise in an out-of-the-way room off the main store which is otherwise so gorgeously meticulous.

I was smitten with this compartmentalized shelving unit (maybe an old mail sorting cabinet?).

I would love it as an oversized trinket cabinet, like this but with deeper shelves.


Back in the regular showroom, I fell in love with this salvaged wood table. I think Tomás could make us one!

I actually might like it a bit more rough ... double entendre anyone? ;-)

Vintage luggage looks super chic stacked. Imagine this...

luggage for sale at Americana Roads this.

from 6th Street Design School, lots more great luggage ideas!

Even with nothing in them, these vintage photo frames look beautiful grouped together!

Love the shape of these little mirrors!

Messy bookshelf is a perfect addition to my library love Pinterest board!

Someone left this message on a vintage chalkboard. Couldn't have said it better myself!

"this is a place with old stuff"

The sign on this box of old photos gave me a good giggle!

If you live in the NEPA area or happen to pass through, be sure to stop at Americana Roads Antiques. Even if you're looking to buy, it's a great place to get vintage-inspired decorating ideas.

What's your favorite antique shop? No matter the location, tell us about it!


  1. Ahh!! I was just there, on Saturday!! My mom got me a $15 table from the rough room, for my bday!

    Thanks for posting this! Small towns could use more bloggers like you!

    -Kim W.

    1. So cool Kim!!! Are you going to fix the table up or is it rustic cool as is?

      Thanks for reading and commenting! <3


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